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H13 Scrap- Boost Your Bottom Line and Maximize Profits

H13 scrap -Boost Your Bottom Line and Maximize Profits

H13, also known as 1.2344 steel or X40CrMoV5-1, is a versatile hot-work tool steel widely employed in metalworking for tool and die manufacturing, as well as in applications like injection molding, forging, and extrusion. Comprised of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium, H13 tool steel possesses exceptional properties that render it suitable for diverse applications. It finds common usage in die casting and extrusion dies, molds and dies for injection molding, tooling and dies for hot forging, metal stamping and forming tools, and structural components in the automotive and aerospace industries.

H13 tool steel scrap refers to discarded H13 tool steel pieces that have outlived their original purpose and are now being recycled or sold for their scrap value. This scrap material originates from various sources, including manufacturing or machining operations where the material was utilized to produce tools, dies, or other components. H13 tool steel scrap exists in different forms, such as solid pieces, turnings, and shavings.

H13 Solids Scrap

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