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Tool Steel Scrap- Boost Your Bottom Line and Maximize Profits

Tool steel scrap - Boost Your Bottom Line and Maximize Profits

Tool steel Scrap, a remarkable alloy steel of exceptional quality, holds a specific purpose in the realm of tools, dies, and machine parts. Celebrated for its remarkable attributes of hardness, toughness, and resistance to wear, making it a favored choice across a wide array of industries including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. Crafted through a process of high-temperature alloying and heat treatment, tool steel acquires its unique properties, rendering it a sought-after material.

The broad spectrum of tool steel grades available allows for precise customization to suit specific applications, making it a versatile and invaluable resource in various manufacturing processes. However, when tool steel reaches the end of its useful life or is deemed surplus, it transitions into tool steel scrap.

Tool Steel Scrap M2 M42 High speed steel Scrap

We purchase various types of tool steel scrap, including but not limited to

1 M2, M1, M42, M35, M36 solids and turnings

2T1, T5, T15 solids and turnings

3A2, S7 solids and turnings

4All REX/CPM grades and forms


We buy wide range of typical tool steel scrap items such as drills, endmills, taps, saw blades, dies, punches, and broaches

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